Enhance Your Traditional Kitchen Functionality With Modular Kitchen Ideas

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Indian kitchens are famous for their regional and colourful patterns. Cooking in the kitchen has to be more fun and interesting. Great cooking experience comes with a spacious and smart design of the kitchen. When we consider designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen, modular kitchens are placing their mark unquestionably. The design of modular kitchens has manifested that they can transform any common kitchen into a more functional and attractive kitchen. 

Let’s get a glance into the modular kitchen:- 

The term modular kitchen is used to define the modern and more functional layout of new-age space for cooking. The modular kitchen comprises an array of modules, includes cabinets and different types of storage spaces. The main aim of the modular kitchen is to provide an effective usage of space. The design space of the kitchen can be categorized into wall and floor units. Both take the initial purpose in the storage of the kitchen. There are many kitchen interior design ideas according to one’s creativity, functionality and appearance. Hiring interior designers is the best way to design the kitchen. Iroko Interiors has one of the best teams of modular kitchen designers in Hyderabad and they can give the best design solutions. Let’s discuss some of the modular kitchen ideas in India. 

Some of the trending kitchen ideas:-

The replacement of traditional shelves and storage with the latest and trending accessories to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Whether it may be traditional design or modern design, white colour would be always beautiful and classy for any appearance that you are choosing. The cabinets and shutters with bold and contrast colours are trending in kitchen interiors. The latest touch to the kitchen comes with geometric patterns on the kitchen. Handleless kitchen cabinets are the most trending touch to the kitchen cabinets which is famous too.

Best kitchen interiors for Indian homes:-

Some of the famous designs of the modular kitchen are L-shaped, U-shaped or C-shaped kitchen, galley kitchen or parallel kitchen, one-wall kitchen or single-wall kitchen. Choosing the  design of the kitchen to depend on one’s preference and functionality. As Indians consider that the kitchen is the heart of the home, the entire home interiors appearance also increases with the impression of the kitchen. All you need to do is design the kitchen interiors smartly while transforming the space aesthetically beautiful.

Indian kitchen essentials:-

For every Indian style kitchen design, a good amount of storage makes the kitchen systematic. We usually possess spices, cutleries, utensils, consumables and many more that we use in the process of cooking. It is significant that the interiors of the kitchen consider all the requirements. Iroko interiors, the best interior design company in Hyderabad, has designed pull-out drawers, lift-up cabinets, rolling shutter, base and wall units. We also include appliances of the kitchen such as microwave, refrigerator, gas hob, chimney, dishwasher, etc; which ensure in solving the kitchen problems to make cooking simple. All the appliances and kitchen products should be reliable, efficient and stylish.

The Accessories of modular kitchen:-

Modular kitchen accessories are important choices where you can design your kitchen with your own choice. Besides basic functionality and storage, the interiors look amazingly elegant and classic to make kitchen space favourable and attractive. To make your everyday cooking a hassle-free experience, here are some of the best modular kitchen accessories and components should be considered in the kitchen are:

Drawer systems:-  Setting up a drawer system in the kitchen is most advisable if your storage items can be stored under the counter.

Tall units:- if you wanted to store a huge amount of groceries in the kitchen, then you can prefer long shelves that are versatile and simply fit into the corner of the kitchen making the kitchen more stylish and classy.


Pull-outs are the highly efficient and less space-consuming narrow spaces like drawers that store the daily use utensils. They are designed with narrow open shelves.

Cutlery trays:-

Cutlery trays are smartly designed compartments that can accumulate forks, spoons, rolling pins, and other cooking essentials organized in order. These trays are necessary for placing away the clutter and placing things handy.

Kitchen corner racks:-

If you are doubting about the corner spaces, simply choose kitchen corner racks. They make the kitchen corner areas more accessible and functional with great facility storage. The proper organization of kitchen accessories within the kitchen interiors add more beauty to the kitchen.

Bringing your modular kitchen dream into reality is now achievable with these modular kitchen ideas. Establishing a modular kitchen into your cooking space enhances the feasibility and adds an attractive touch to it. Iroko interiors hold experience in kitchen space designs, several kitchen components and other accessories. Pick a kitchen design that increases the appearance of the space and reflects your personality and ideology.

Also, Iroko interiors provide the best residential interior designing services like interior designs for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. 

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