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Interiors come in a wide range of designs and formats. Every individual has unique and great interior style ideas that reflect their personality and thoughts. Each home interior designer presents its own flavour, finish and style which contribute to space in unique ways of inspiration, and creative endeavour. Thus knowing different styles of interior designs could be more useful and can add more icons to your thoughts, ensuring that you choose the right style for your space and dream interiors, and also assisting you to accomplish visual perfection with less hassle. 

Here are some of the basic elements of Interior design to consider:


Colour is the significant choice that enhances the presence and also influences the mood and feel of space. Practically colour can make an illusion of making the room size bigger or smaller. If you are considering a small room and if the amount of sunlight is less, then light colours are preferable. If the room is large enough but sustains a limited amount of sunlight, then darker colours will bring a classy, comfortable environment. 

The natural sunlight in the afternoon is harsh when compared to the morning and evening light in the tropical areas of the world. The rooms which are located in the north-facing, don’t get natural light during the entire day, whereas the south-facing room gets sunlight all day long but during midday, the light may be high. East and West facing possess the soft light of the sun. Ideally, south-facing rooms are suitable with cool colours while north-facing rooms look perfect with warmer colours. 

The best wall design for living room with the contribution of beautiful colours transform appearance into more aesthetic and pleasing.


We can describe the term form as “shape”. The form offers the three-dimensional thing or object’s basic outline in space. You can accomplish it by integrating one shape or more shapes that are additionally increased by attaching other elements like colours, patterns and textures. The form is the definite requirement and is the initial start of the project. 

It involves the length, breadth, height, mass and volume. It is calculated from length and breadth and from top to bottom. These are the essential measurements while initiating the project. 

The forms can be of many types:

  • Organic:- It is the type of form that is created by nature or naturally existed in the form of a tree or shrub. The created outline is the same.
  • Inorganic or Geometric:- It comes under man-made forms such as geometric shapes that include non-living forms. 
  • Open forms:– These types of forms are outlines that are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be seen.
  • Closed forms:– These forms include self-contained and are not visible to the human eye. 


Have you ever observed a photograph that was taken in bad lighting? Then you would probably know the importance of lighting as it affects the impression!

Quality lighting is important to living space, whether it is natural or man-made or a combined light source. While preferring the best lighting in the room, think about the elements like the colour of the light(cool blue or bright yellow) and the lighting intensity (bright colours are preferred for cooking & soft for studying).

Besides its functionality, light has the power to enhance the mood and environment of the space with a contribution of colour, line and texture. The best interior designers know the significance of lighting and provide the best interior design services which adds more beauty to the interiors.


Combined with colour, the pattern provides great appeal to the room with the use of texture. The pattern is formed as a repetitive design and can be seen in wallpaper, soft furnishings, rugs and fabrics. Patterns have arrived in varied types such as geometric, strips, organic, motif and animal prints. 

When you are considering a pattern, it is best to contemplate the size and style of a room. Implementing patterns in the small room should be done delicately, to avoid overwhelming the area. Contrasting colours can be used in difficult patterns along with lines that revive up a room. The patterns of large scale can be established in the large room and opt as the distinct focal point to space. 

In the consideration of style, it is vital to know the idea and category that are going to be used in the pattern to ensure that harmony is maintained in the room. For instance, traditional rooms incorporate organic and floral prints. Geometric and abstract prints are preferred for the contemporary touch.

Iroko interiors, the top interior designers in Hyderabad, offers excellent and inspiring interior designs to transform your living space more elegantly. They also provide the best office interior designs to enhance the work atmosphere. 

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