Ceiling Designs

Have you ever thought that the upper surface of your room can beautify your home’s interior look? Do you think that the people or guests who visit your home give attention to your home ceiling? or Are you bored with the plain top floor interior or your home? 

Along with the walls, corners, and spaces in your home, the ceiling is considered to be an important element in the interior design of your home. With the advancement in technology and innovation, ceiling designs are considered to be more trending in the market. At Iroko, we have some expert false ceiling designers in Hyderabad who can give an excellent look to your home. They perfectly balance the extravagance and simplicity with the unique style of your ceiling, wall colors, design, and decor items in your home. The best ceiling designs with the best lighting brighten your home interior and add more charm to your home. 

However, if you are confused in choosing the best ceiling design for hall, bedroom; then you can contact our false ceiling designers in Hyderabad at Iroko – the best interior design companies in Hyderabad, Secunderabad. They can explain to you about the emerging technologies and ceiling design trends in the market and the budget associated with those innovative designs. This enables you to choose the best ceiling design for bedroom and hall that fits your budget.

A false ceiling is one of the most popular architectural elements that encourage various innumerable variations in material terms used for construction. Eventually, the eminence, projection and false ceiling properties have been enhanced in all aspects. The latest false ceiling new trends demand new materials in the false ceiling such as wood, fabric, aluminium, steel along Gypsum or POP or other textured material that enhances to look more elegant. Iroko, the best interior designers in Secunderabad provides outstanding false ceiling designs to make your interiors more fascinating.

Types of False Ceiling:-

Gypsum ceiling:-

Gypsum is a hydrated sulphate form of calcium known as the most commonly used material in a false ceiling. This kind of false-ceiling is pre-designed and when the preferred shape, size, and design are decided, it can simply be installed.  It flourishes a smooth, seamless finish and is usually sound insulated, fire and thermal resistant. A false gypsum ceiling brings an elegant look to your rooms.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling:-       

Plaster of Paris is one of the most desired false ceiling materials. Especially derived from Gypsum, nothing but the heated version. Despite a false gypsum ceiling, the POP ceiling design for halls can be framed into any shape, thus promoting immense flexibility to POP false ceiling designs. It has a significant feature that it is economical when compared to Gypsum.

Fibre False ceiling:-

Fibre False ceiling is present in the form of tiles. They are manufactured with natural and synthetic material that includes wood, stone and other materials. Fibre False ceilings are economical, durable, and resistant to heat and noise. Due to its features to resist noise and heat, fibre false ceiling is commonly used in commercial interior designs.

Wood False ceiling:-

Wood is a harmonious pretence of the modern and traditional. A wooden false ceiling assists to bring the aesthetic appeal of any room, as it promotes the integration of a wide range of designs and patterns. Decorating with fancy pendant lights on to the ceiling, one sustains in the bedroom interior design to make an amazing feel of tradition. A thin coat of anti-termite spray or paint reduces the risk of termites.

Metal ceiling:-

Metal false ceilings are most popular in home interiors. They consist of aluminium and galvanized iron for durability, strength, and capability to absorb the noise. Metal false ceilings are also obtainable in various designs and shapes and are easy to sustain. The metal false ceiling gives an antique look to space and could derive the best appeal to living room interiors.

We are also famed as the best bedroom interior designers in Hyderabad with our innovative ideology in providing elegant bedroom interiors.

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