Kitchen Designs


The kitchen is the only space in your home which holds a lot of stuff when compared to the hall and bedroom. So, proper organization of a number of items in your kitchen is very important and here, professional interior designers can help you in the best possible way. You can consult our modular kitchen designers in Hyderabad who can make your kitchen look more appealing. It calms up your mood and enables you to make delicious food for your family, friends, and relatives.  

Iroko – one of the top interior design companies in Bowenpally and Balanagar provides modular kitchen designs with contemporary ideas. You can even share your thoughts and ideas with our interior designers in Balanagar and get the best design solutions. We also provide 2D and 3D visualizations of the kitchen designs that enable you to imagine how your kitchen looks and if you feel any changes needed, then we modify it before the work process. 

Adding to this, there has been a lot of advancement in technology and thus, we can see trendy, stylish, and innovative kitchen designs. Our interior designers in Hyderabad are skilled, stay updated to the newer trends and innovative technologies and thus, produce fabulous kitchen ideas for our clients. 

More space, ventilation and perfect organization makes the kitchen a place for culinary explorations! To simplify the process, Modular kitchen designers have stepped in. The kitchen is one of the significant places of the house where the household spends most of the time making the family healthier and happier. The best functional kitchen makes cooking more interesting and exciting.

The modular kitchen gets into the frame with its magnificent appearance and functionality. Besides the gadgets, appliances and accessories, modular kitchens are with various textures, smoothness, finishes and freedom of space, along with excellent use of natural or artificial light – make the kitchen interiors more aesthetic and appealing. The modular kitchens are simple to repair and move as they are made of modules.

Iroko interiors, the top interior designers in Bowenpally offer the best modular kitchen ideas according to your ideas. You can play with your choices in the modular kitchen accessories options. Besides the functionality, they appear surprisingly aesthetic and elegant to transform your space enchanting with the involvement of excellent false ceiling designs as we are also famed as the best false ceiling designers. Here are some of the best modular kitchen components and accessories that make your cooking hassle-free and happier.

Drawer system:-

If you prefer the storage items under the counter, then installing up a drawer system can be the best choice.

Tall units:-

If you need to store a huge amount of groceries, then setting up the tall units would be the best choice of every kitchen design. Long shelves are easy to fit in any corner of the kitchen room.


These are designed with narrow open shelves, which reduces the space of occupancy. Pull-out can be easily fit into narrow spaces and are the same as drawers.

Cutlery trays:-

Cutlery trays are small chambers that can place spoons, forks, rolling pins and other essentials of cooking in an organized manner. These trays are necessary for storing away cutlery and keeping the things handy.

Kitchen corner racks:-

If you are considering the corner spaces, simply refer to kitchen corner racks. Being the best kitchen interior designers in Hyderabad, we transform the corner room into more feasible and accessible with the best storage facility. Check the modular kitchen ideas by contacting Iroko interiors.

Iroko interior designers also offer the best office interior designs that transform your workspaces into more fascinating designs that enhance the employee’s productivity.

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